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Group Profile

Cast Global has professionally qualified experts in registration and legal affairs from nation wide. Having Land and House Surveyor and Administrative scrivener work as our main business the group is made of consultation related to inheritance, Administrative scrivener specializing in acquiring of real estate, Business process outsourcing from financial institutions. We have number of directly-managed officers all over the country and is one of Japan's premier as a registration offices, providing a multi-regional collaboration service that can not be imitated elsewhere. We have received high appraisal for our services. Moreover to promote overseas expansion of domestice companies, to support foreign companies enterning Japan and to support foreign investment by investors we are expanding our business to other countries mainly focusing on Asia. In the spirit of "for customers" we promise to be the best legal partner for our customers both individuals and corporations.

Cast Global Group ( former A.I. Global Group ) Corporate Data

Company name Judicial Scrivener Corporate Cast Global
Land and House Surveyor Corporation Cast Global
Administrative Scrivener Corporation Cast Global
Cast Global Corporation
CastGlobal Taiwan Co.,Ltd.
Representative Chief Executive Officer / PresidentKoichi Ueno
Executive Vice PresidentMasakatsu Honda
Executive Managing DirectorNaoki Yoshinaga
Senior Managing DirectorYoshihito Serizawa
Headoffice Address 1-3, 4th Floor, NBF Ogawamachi Building, Ogawamachi, Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo
Postal Code 101-0052
Head office TEL 03-5577-3141
Head office FAX 03-5282-3979
Total number of employees 186 (as of 31st December 2019)
46 Judicial Scriveners, 7 Land and House Surveyors, 6 Administrative Scriveners
Membership of Professional Institutions
  • Tokyo Judicial Scrivener Association
  • Tokyo Land and House Investigator Association
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Administrative Scrivener Society
  • National Judicial Scrivener Corporate Liaison Committee
  • Public interest corporation Adult Guardianship Center · Legal support

History of Cast Global ( former A.I. Global Group ) Group

1995 Establishment of Ueno Judicial Scrivener office
1997 Establishment of Honda Registration Survey Office
April 2003 Joining of Ueno Judicial scrivener office and Honda Registration Survey office in Osaka
Establishment of FC Foundation
October 2003 Establishment of Tokyo office
April 2006 Moved the main office to Kojimachi, Chiyodaku
June 2006 Establishment of Nagoya office
August 2007 Establishment of Sendai office
October 2007 Establishment of Sapporo office
December 2007 Establishment of Hiroshima office
May 2008 Establishment of Fukuoka office
November 2008 Establishment of Tachikawa office
November 2008 Establishment of Land and House surveyor Corporation
January 2009 Establishment of Yokohama office
February 2010 Establishment of Fujiyoshida office by M & A (business succession)
November 2010 Corporate name changed to A.I. Global
June 2012 Establishment of China Escrow Trust Co., Ltd. (currently A.I. Global Co., Ltd.)
January 2014 Relocation of main office (head office) to Ogawamachi, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
October 2014 Establishment of Tokuyama Office
July 2015 Establishment of Administrative Scrivener corporation
September 2017 Establishment of Taipei office
November 2017 Establishment of Okayama Office
August 2020 Corporate name changed to CastGlobal