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Inquiries on mail form

※ For inquries by mail form, please confirm to the "personal information handling consent form" below, and please select "agree" and proceed.

Personal information handling consent form

The judicial scrivener corporation Cast Global (hereinafter referred to as "our company") will keep customer's personal information, However we will protect the personal information that we have kept and handle such information as follows,

Purpose of use
  • 1) In order to answer inquiries and to sort out inquiries
  • 2) For implementation of service and guidance
For the purpose of tendering such information to third parties

In order to respond to inquiries, we will provide the information entered in the inquiry form to the following companies by telephone or e-mail.

  • 1) Land and house surveyor corporation Cast Global
  • 2) Administrative scrivener corporation Cast Global
  • 3) Cast Global Corporation

We will not provide customer's personal information to third parties without the consent of the person concerned, except when it falls under the above or when it is stipulated by law.

Outsourcing handling of personal information

We are outsourcing a part of our operations in order to provide an optimal service to our customers, so we may entrust your personal information to outsourcing parties. In such case, we thoroughly select outsourcers that are deemed to be handling personal information properly, proper management will be carried out by negotiation and agreement to prevent the leakage of customer's personal information and confidentiality by appropriate management of suh personal information.

Optionality of personal information submission

It is optional for customers to submit personal information to us. However, Please be aware that if personal information is not submitted, you may not get a reply from our company and we may not be able to implement our service.

Request for disclosure of personal information

You have a right to request notifiaction of purpose of use of your personal information, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion suspension of use and suspension of offer to third parties. For more details, please contact us directly through the personal Information inquiry window or check "handling of personal information".

Contact: Judicial Scrivener Cast Global
Personal information inquiry window
TEL: 03-5577-3141
Person in charge: Personal information protection manager
Koichi Ueno

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