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Our professional team in law in each field will support you and guide you with full strength.


Koichi Ueno

Legal issues are very complicated and time consuming and it is not easy to find a solution that is convincing. Because there are different means of solving a problem, many people do not even know where to consult. Our "judicial scrivener corporation Cast Global" having legal professionals in every filed strive to propose the most effective solution for the clients

Business content

  • Real Estate Registration

    · Registration on ownership

    Real estate buying and selling, construction of new buildings etc.

    · Registration on mortgages

    Set up collateral such as mortgage / apartment loan, delete collateral at repayment of loan

    · Change of address and name etc. as a result of moving to a different location, marriage

  • Support for major Financing

    · Syndicated loan, registration work on project finance

    · Factory mortgage, factory foundation registration

    · Factory Foundation inventory maintenance support

    · Various registration procedures on renewable energy business

    · Assignment of claims, registration of movable property transfer

  • Commercial registration

    · Establishment of a company and a corporation

    · change of officers, head office relocation, change of business purpose

    · Merger, company split, business succession

    · Dissolution, liquidation

  • Adult Guardianship · Voluntary Guardianship

    · Petition for Adult Guardian

    · Inauguration as an adult guardian

    · Preparation of Voluntary Guardianship Contract

    · Property management contract, guardianship contract, post mortem office delegation contract

  • Small debt collection and trial service

    · Collection of large amount and small amount of receivables such as receivables from mail order etc

    · Law proceedings for the jurisdiction in the lower court

    · Preparation of documents to be submitted to family court

  • Trustees / Family trust

    · Consulting of trust scheme

    · Create a trust contract

    · Trust Registration

    · trustee supervisor Inauguration

Corporate profile

Company name Judicial Scrivener Corporate Cast Global
Establishment 7th April 2003
Number of Employees 46 judicial scriveners out of 138 (as of 31st December 2019)
Amount of sales 1.03 billion yen (FY2019)
Representative Koichi Ueno
Business contents Registration work, adult guardianship, litigation work under the jurisdiction of Lower court, debt collection

Tokyo Headoffice1-3-1,4th Floor, NBF Ogawamachi Building, Ogawamachi, Kanda,Chiyodaku,Tokyo

Osaka Office1-11-4-800, 8th floor, 4th Floor Osaka Ekimae Building, Umeda, Kitaku, Osaka city

Nagoya Office1-4-16, KDX Nagoya,7th floor, Nichiginmae Building, Naka-ku Nagoya City

Sapporo Office4-5-1, Minami 1 jonishi, 8 th floor,Otemachi Building, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City

Sendai Office2-4-1,12th Floor Sendai Kyowa Building, 1 Bancho Aobaku, Sendai

Tachikawa Office1-27-10, 6th Floor Yomi Uri Tachikawa Building, Akebonocho,Tachikawa-

Yokohama Office1-11-15, 14th Floor Yokohama ST Building, Kitasaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama city

Fujiyoshida Office5-7-20, kamiyoshida,Fujiyoshida city,Yamanashi Prefecture

Okayama Office 8-29, 12th Floor Mitsui seimei Okayama Building, Saiwaicho,Kita-ku, Okayama City

Hiroshima Office1-3-2, 5th Floor Ginsen Hiroshima Building, Kamiyacho, Nakaku,Hiroshima City

Tokuyama Office1-23 2nd Floor Miyazaki Building, Heiwacho,Shuunanshi,Yamaguchi Prefecture

Fukuoka Office4-6-7,12th FloorTenjin Crystal Building, Chuo - ku, Fukuoka City

Membership of professional institutions Tokyo Judicial Scrivener Association (corporate number: 11-00077)
National Judicial Scrivener Corporate Liaison Committee
Public benefit organization corporation Adult Guardianship Center · Legal support