Land and house surveyor corporation Cast Global

Land and House Investigator

We are experts in land and buildings registration and survey. As a corporation with nationwide deployment, we provide high quality, stable and long term service. 


Masakatsu Honda

As one of the few land surveyor corporations which has offices throughout the country Cast Global aims to provide high quality legal services to everyone across the country. In the future, we wish to have a land and house surveyor department in all the Cast Global offices nation wide. To provide stable and long-term services unique to corporations,which is hard for the individuals to handle and to realize our corporate philosophy "For Customer -", we strive to provide our customers accurate and prompt services by employing the combination of experienced professionals and young staff with high mobility.

Business content

  • Land · Building surveying

    · Current state survey

    Surveying and drawing of the approximate area of the land, the height of the ground, the position of the building etc.

    · Boundary confirmed surveying

    Create a border determination diagram with the presence of neighboring owner, administrative officials, etc.

    · Boundary mark embedding

    In case of a boundary lost by building construction, road construction etc., buried under the presence of neighboring owner, administrative officials etc

  • Registration of Land

    · Divisional registration

    Divide one land into multiple pieces. Accompanied by boundary survey

    · Parcel consolidation registration

    Merging multiple lands into one

    · Land parcel correction

    When the registered land area and boundary determination are different.

    · Change of land category

    Change from farmland to residential land.

  • Registration of building

    · Title registration

    Producing registration records for new buildings and unregistered buildings.

    · Change Title registration

    Extension, renovation and change of use

    · Loss of registration

    When demolishing a building.

    · Registration of divided building

    Newly constructed condominium etc. Check the description about the common elements of the manual.

  • Boundary dispute resolution

    · Parcel boundary demarcation

    · Private dispute settlement procedure agency related work

Corporate profile

Company name Land and house surveyor corporation Cast Global
Establishment Year 2008 (Established in 1997)
Number of Employees 7 Land and House Surveyors out of 41 (as of 31st December 2019)
Amount of sales 333 million yen (FY2019)
Representative Masakatsu Honda
Business contents work involving current state surveying, land / building surveying , registration, specifying parcel boundary

Tokyo Head office4th Floor,1 NBF Ogawamachi Building,1-3, Ogawamachi, Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo

Osaka Office1-11-4-800 ,8th Floor, 4th Building, Osaka Station Front,Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka

Nagoya Office1-4-16, 7th Floor, KDX Nagoya Nichiginmae Building, Nishiki,Nakaku, Nagoyashi

Sendai Office2-4-1,12th Floor, Kyowa Building, Sendai, Ichibachou,Aobaku, Sendai

Yokohama Office1-11-15,14th Floor,Yokohama ST Building, Kitasaiwai,Nishiku, Yokohamashi

Membership of professional institutions Tokyo Land and House Investigator Association (Corporate Number: 01-0017-02-0007)