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Tokyo Head office

Judicial Scrivener Corporation Cast Global Tokyo Head office

Land and house surveyor corporation Cast Global Tokyo head office

Administrative Scrivener Corporation Cast Global Tokyo Head office

Cast Global Tokyo Head office

4th Floor, 1-3, NBF Ogawamachi Building, Ogawamachi, Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo
TEL:03-5577-3141 / FAX:03-5282-3979

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
Toei Shinjuku line: Ogawamachi (A6 exit)
Marunouchi line: Awaji-cho (A4 exit)
Chiyoda line: Shinochanomizu (B 3 exit)

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Koichi Ueno

Representative Judicial ScrivenerKoichi Ueno

As the leader who guides the group with pride, I will continue facing new challenges and sharing information and develop human resources who will be responsible for the next generation.

The head office of Ogawamachi is in the capital Tokyo, hence the number of projects handled and the number of staff are the largest among the group.The position of the office makes it easy to obtain case information of each of the bases nationwide as well as case examples of its own base. Moreover we take responsibility in upgrading the level of all employees. We actively seek to lead the country by sharing information and reducing regional disparities in services. 
Also, since the establishment, as a person involved in the corporate buisness, we strive to protect and enhance the corporate value. such as the climate easy to tackle new things, the atmosphere in which opinions are comfortable, the seriousness of work and attitude toward customers, etc.  I believe that the head office also has an obligation to cultivate talented people and to discharge them to the whole country for the succession of their "DNA". We try our best to receive high appraisals from our customers like "I'm glad I asked the professionals", "Thank you". Cast Global Head office will keep leading the group to have good evaluation from nationwide.
We also opened a office in Taiwan, and we will continue to embrace global human resources actively in the future. From Japan to Asia and to the world.

Osaka Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporation Cast Global Osaka Office

Land and House surveyor corporation Cast Global Osaka Office

1-11-4-800, 8th floor, Osaka Ekimae 4th Building, Umeda, Kita-Ku, Osaka City.
TEL:06-4797-0900 / FAX:06-4797-0901

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
JR Osaka Station: 3 minutes walk
Osaka Shiei Tanimachi Line Higashi Umeda Station: South Ticket Gate
Hanshin Line Umeda Station: 2 minutes walk
JR Tozai Line Kitashinchi Station: 3 minutes walk

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Shintaro Yamagami

Osaka Office RepresentativeShintaro Yamagami

Osaka, the birthplace of the group. We will pursue a sincere attitude towards work more than ever and aim to become an office customers can trust.

Osaka is the birthplace of our group and there are many customers who have been in our business for over 10 years. 
I believe the reason behind it is that each of our employees has responded sincerely to every customer in the past for a long time maintaining close relationships, but we believe that it is easy to use judicial scrivener firms who can request more customers I would like to pursue something and develop a system that allows each employee to be consciously working on their work so that they can positively propose themselves to their needs. 
The Osaka Office is primarily engaged in the business of judicial scrivener who is the principal axis such as registry, adult guardianship, debt consolidation, etc. We have established a system that can meet the needs of a wide range of customers by accumulation of many years of work.Judicial scrivener and assistants teamwork well and vigorously responds to customers, with the practical knowledge of the judicial scrivener business that we have cultivated over many years and new knowledge that can handle the swift situation of recent law reform It is an office where the blending of fusion was successful. 
From now on, I believe that we can do business that makes use of the network with sales offices nationwide. 
We believe that continuing to evolve everyday leads to the growth of our employees and the group, which we can return to customers. Please expect from Osaka office which is more lively than ever.

Nagoya Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporation Cast Global Nagoya Office

Land and House surveyor corporation Cast Global Nagoya office

1-4-16, 7th Floor,Nichiginmae Building,KDX Nagoya, Nishiki,Nakaku, Nagoya city,
TEL:052-222-5900 / FAX:052-222-5901

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
2 minutes walk from Marunouchi Subway Tsurumi Line · Sakura Tram Line

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Naoki Yoshinaga

Nagoya Office RepresentativeNaoki Yoshinaga

Coordinator of rights protection. The Judicial Scrivener corporation Cast Global Nagoya office will be a bridge for conflicting laws and procedures, coordinating it.

The Tokai area with the third Nagoya office among the judicial scrivener corporations is one of the three major metropolitan areas in Japan, and it is also the center of the economy that many companies crowd. There are various legal needs, and I think that the strength of "A one-stop legal service" listed by Cast Global Group can be demonstrated. 
Starting with debt consolidation, we are engaged in a wide range of activities including real estate registry, business registration, adult guardianship etc. In addition to detailed legal services, we also sell prompt and dynamic mobility. Our judicial scrivener is always looking for what we can do for our customers and we will contribute to the community as an office where we can make new proposals. 
We hope to cooperate with other corporations in the Cast Global group which we have in addition to put efforts into new initiatives from Nagoya.

Sapporo Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporation Cast Global Sapporo Office

4-5-1, 8th Floor Otemachi Building, Minami Ichijo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City
TEL:011-207-2700 / FAX:011-207-2722

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
2 minutes walk from Odori Subway Station
1 minute from Tramway West 4-chome station

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Takayuki Yoshikawa

Sapporo Office RepresentativeTakayuki Yoshikawa

One stop correspondence from Attorneys and tax accountants. We will offer speedy and heartfelt service.

We will pursue the provision of speedy and heartfelt service.
At Cast Global Sapporo Office, we are in charge of projects throughout Hokkaido, mainly in Sapporo and the Hokkaido area. Sapporo is surprisingly short in temporal distance from the metropolitan area. There are many customers in the metropolitan area buying and selling real estate in Sapporo. Especially on those occasions, our service system has gained popularity from all sides. With Cast Global, we can utilize the network of nationwide deployment and can process speedy projects that can not be done by conventional judicial scrivener offices. Also, even if you do not visit Sapporo, you can consult experts from other bases directly, or you can meet each other while watching their faces by connecting the remote site with IT technology. In addition, the Judicial Scrivener business extends to a wide range of real estate registries, commercial registrations, adult guardianship and so on. These are not necessarily guidelines for Judicial Scrivener alone to solve. Depending on the project, cooperation from other experts is also required. At Cast Global Sapporo Office, our affiliated attorneys and tax accountants have offices on the same floor, and we have established a system that allows each expert and customers to come together and guide the best solution. 
We will continue to deliver our heartfelt service to our customers in Hokkaido under the belief of For Customer ~ for our customers, so please continue your favors toward Cast Global Sapporo Office.

Sendai Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporation Cast Global Sendai Office

Land and House Surveyor Corporation Cast Global Sendai office

2-4-1, 1bancho, 12th Floor, Sendai Kyowa Building, Aoba-ku, Sendai City
TEL:022-722-3003 / FAX:022-722-3004

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
JR Sendai Station: 10 minutes walk

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Yoshito Serizawa

Sendai Office RepresentativeYoshito Serizawa

We send one stop · legal service from Miyako · Sendai! If you have any troubles, first of all Cast Global! We aim to create an office that is so familiar and reliable for our customers.

Even if it says "legal problems" in general, the qualification industry specializing in it is various, it is not easy for ordinary customers to identify experts and request it. In some cases, there may be cross-sectional consultations that cross experts. In the Cast Global Group, we have formed groups of law experts including judicial scrivener, attorney, tax accountant, social insurance labor, administrative scrivener, land house investigator etc. By consolidating the counseling desk, we will reduce the customer's economic, temporal and location burden. It is now possible to realize so-called "one-stop legal service" in Sendai. Furthermore, since we have established sales offices in major cities throughout Sendai, Sapporo, Tokyo, Tachikawa, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and so on, we will cross localities through the establishment of a nationwide network It was possible to respond quickly and reasonably to such projects. Although the Tohoku region's economy is under severe conditions, I want to chase customers' dreams and hopes together for business customers and individual customers, want to invigorate the energies and liveliness in the Tohoku region, the Cast Global Sendai Office It is created with such a thought. Professional staff will support you as one partner for every customer.

Tachikawa Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporate Cast Global Tachikawa Office

1-27-10, 6th Floor, Yomiuri Tachikawa Building, Akemachi Tachikawa City, Tokyo
TEL:042-521-7707 / FAX:042-521-7703

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
JR Tachikawa Station North Exit: 3 minutes walk

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Yuuki Ishii

Tachikawa Office RepresentativeYuuki Ishii

A base that was established in response to customer's request. As a model base for the group, we will aim to achieve services that exceed expectations.

Currently, the Tama area, which the Cast Global Tachikawa Office is in charge, had consulted with headquarters in the past, but requests from regional customers and the "speedy service We established an office in 2008 in order to realize. We mainly engage in transactions with local financial institutions and real estate agents, but we would like to increase the opportunities to further expand our frontiers and to be in touch with more customers. 
Since we are in charge of a somewhat limited area compared to other bases in the group, we are working to create a formation that can provide speedy and appropriate services, rather than enlarging the scale of the office itself, We are aiming to aim at the Tachikawa Office. 
At the same time, I would like to further develop the presence as a consultation window for one-stop legal services in the region and to build what is unique in Tachikawa, rooted in the community, which can be appointed directly from general customers I will. 
Everyone living in the Tama area, please feel free to visit the Cast Global Tachikawa Office.

Yokohama Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporate Cast Global Yokohama Office

Land house surveyor corporation Cast Global Yokohama office

1-11-15, 14th Floor Yokohama ST Building, Kitasaiwai,Nishiku, Yokohama city
TEL:045-328-3622 / FAX:045-328-3632

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
Yokohama Station West Exit: 5 minutes walk

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Masakatsu Honda

Yokohama Office RepresentativeMasakatsu Honda

From the site where the leading business / acclaimed venture coexists, we transmit consulting cases and know-how. I will challenge the future of one stop legal service.

Among the seven major cities where Cast Global has entered, the newest office is the Yokohama office. 
Yokohama is a metropolitan area that is not taken over by the city center. The center of Kanagawa, centering on Yokohama, is also an area where advanced business such as attracting foreign companies and nurturing techno-venture are developed. 
The fact that there are many venture companies, for example, means that there are few companies with special sections of legal affairs and taxation. Therefore, the Yokohama office will proactively engage in "one stop · legal service" which is the characteristic of Cast Global as well as the original judicial scrivener office work. At the same time, we would like to disseminate case examples to all the Group's bases such as M & A intermediary and FP service provision to individuals, and we would like to enhance our overall strength. 
The Cast Global Yokohama Office will keep on challenging the service to the future with a free idea by "experts" with different fields of expertise. Please, look forward to it.

Fujiyoshida Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporate Cast Global Fujiyoshida Office

Administrative Scrivener Corporate Cast Global Fujiyoshida Office

5-7-20, Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida City,Yamanashi Prefecture
TEL:0555-23-2418 / FAX:0555-23-2413

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
Fujikyu Otsuki Line Fuji Station

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Taiji Sano

Fujiyoshida Office RepresentativeTaiji Sano

As a pioneer of judicial scrivener corporations in Yamanashi, we aim to become an office that will be closely tied to the community and will be happy to conduct consultations for everyone in the region.

Yamanashi Prefecture is easily accessed by the metropolitan area adjacent to Tokyo. However, because of easy access to large cities, legal services might not be abundant. According to the philosphy of Cast Global Fujiyoshida office, "We will provide high quality legal services to all customers across Japan. In February 2010 we opened an office in Fujiyoshida City as the first judicial scrivener office in Yamanashi Prefecture to realize the group's philosophy.
In Fujiyoshida City, which has developed as a central city in the northernmost foot of Mt. Fuji, as a consultation window, we help real estate and commercial registration work which is the royal road of judicial scrivener's work to everyone in the region, and we also provide assistance for debt consolidation, adult guardianship work, judicial proceedings. We also cooperate with judicial scrivener who enrolls in branch offices across the country with regard to inheritance / wills, etc. We will offer you the same legal services as in big cities. 
In addition, in September 2017, administrative scrivener corporation Cast Global Fujiyoshida office was established in the same place, hence we are now able to assist and provide consultation with regard to conversion of agricultural land, application for home building license, visa application etc.
We will work closely with customers in the area, aiming to become a more convenient and easily accessible judicial scrivener office in the region, so please do not hesitate to contact Cast Global Fujiyoshida Office.

Okayama Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporate Cast Global Okayama Office

8-29, 12th Floor, Taiju Seimei Okayama Building, Saiwaicho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
TEL:086-206-5445 / FAX:086-206-5446

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
9 minutes walk from Okayama station

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Yuhito Shiraishi

Okayama Office RepresentativeYuhito Shiraishi

We will love this region and try our best to become the company loved by the region

"A country of sun, Okayama". Okayama Office was opened in Okayama which is a key hub of the transportation network connecting the region around Osaka, Kyoto,Nara, Chugoku and Shikoku. 
It is fascinated by Okayama which has good climate and delicious food, and in recent years people who wish to emigrate are also increasing. I am one of them. We will continue to pursue what we can do for you in this area while working on our business. 
If you need consultation with regard to registry work, preparation of judicial documents, adult guardianship etc, please do not hesitate to contact us. Since we have judicial scrivener offices throughout the country, we will cover issues outside of Okayama region.  In addition, depending on circumstances, when you need to consult other professionals on special fields other than judicial scrivener, do not worry as we are collaborating with lawyers, tax accountants, administrative scrivener, land and house investigator etc. We will make efforts to provide a warm service that will keep you close to the hearts of people with legal problems. 
Thank you for your continued support of Cast Global Okayama Office.

Hiroshima Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporate Cast Global Hiroshima Office

1-3-2, 5th Floor, Ginsen Hiroshima Building, Kamiyacho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City
TEL:082-246-0630 / FAX:082-246-0640

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
1 minute walk from Hondori Station

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Shinpei Okano

Hiroshima Office RepresentativeShinpei Okano

A town with its own culture which "everything" is complete. To the end, with the idea from "customer viewpoint", we aim to become an office loved by the region.

Foodstuffs, industries and so on, all elements are in line, local production can be eliminated. It is Chugoku district that forms a unique cultural area. In its core city Hiroshima, there is the Cast Global Hiroshima Office. While trying to register business, in order to solve problems of customers who are troubled with various troubles, we would like to work on the customer's point of something that we can help. Our work is only for customers. So, what I am trying to do is to think of it from the customer's point of view. Laws and procedures are strict, but the way the countermeasures will change will also change if you take the position of the parties and feeling. By accumulating such affectionate services one by one, we wish to win the trust of everyone little by little, and we hope the circle of customers will expand. 
Cast Global also has character of the group representative, only hot and blood type staff. I also want to blend into the people of Chugoku district and Hiroshima as a member of that. In the future, thank you.

Tokuyama Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporate Cast Global Tokuyama Office

Cast Global Tokuyama Branch Co., Ltd.

1-23, 2nd Floor Miyazaki Building,Heiwa dori, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture
TEL:0834-22-7733 / FAX:0834-22-7734

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
Tokuyama Station: 8 minutes walk

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Masato Imai

Tokuyama Office RepresentativeMasato Imai

We also offer high quality services connected to the region for people living in San-in region and the central prefecture.

Up to now consultations of Yamaguchi Prefecture were conducted in Hiroshima Office and the Fukuoka Office. However we established the Tokuyama Office to provide speedy services and to meet with customer requests. Hence we are now able to offer Cast Global services to San - in region and central prefectures we had not been able to handle until now. We will continue to provide high quality services that are closely related to the area, so please do not hesitate to submit a request for Tokuyama Office.

Fukuoka Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporate Cast Global Fukuoka Office

4-6-7, 12th Floor Tenjin Crystal Building, Tenjin, Chuo - ku, Fukuoka city
TEL:092-737-3273 / FAX:092-737-3272

【business hours】
【Nearest station】
5Minutes walk from Tenjin Station Subway Airport Line

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Takeji Miyamae

Fukuoka Office RepresentativeTakeji Miyamae

We offer our servies from Fukuoka office situated in the centre of Kyushu which is a historical island with distinctive features. We realize our company philosophy "For Customer" with light footwork

Kyushu is an island with distinctive cultures and personality in each region. The Cast Global Fukuoka Office was opened in Tenjin Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu. 
We mainly accept requests from individual customers such as debt consolidation, but we are actively engaged in registration requests from corporations as well. Also we do adult guardianship work for individuals as well. In addition, we will are setting up a system to provide "one stop / legal service" to local people by joining with law firms. We believe that as an office indispensable to the region, we will continue to appeal our presence. 
In addition, considering the desire to be an office that values customers' interests in the long term rather than short-term sales, we hope to organize free consultation sessions, placing emphasis on customer's wishes. We always act with keeping in mid our philosophy "For Customer", I believe that this will lead to our companys' own development.
In order for our group to be the best in Japan regarding "legal service"The Cast Global Fukuoka Office will respond to all your expectations.

Otsu Office

Judicial Scrivener Corporation Cast Global Otsu Office

3-3-1, A&M.OTSU Building, Kyomachi, Otsu City, Shiga
TEL:077-536-5715 / FAX:077-536-5716

【Nearest station】
Otsu Station

Taiwan Office

CastGlobal Taiwan Co.,Ltd.

Rm. R10, 8F., No. 132, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City

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