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Provide legal support of reliable quality across the border

Choose the best support company for the point of success in Taiwan business

AIGlobal Taipei will propose comprehensive support work in Taiwan until establishment of a business infrastructure such as company establishment / acquisition of licenses to enter Taiwan ~ prevention and resolution of legal troubles in Taiwan after establishment. 

We have established our own legal network in Taiwan including tax accountants and accountants, especially for teachers who have been active in corporate lawyers in Taiwan. FIA necessary for entering Taiwan - Application for corporate trademark registration and intellectual property right Connecting with experts familiar with Greater China culture and laws to propose optimal business schemes and building legal flows We will offer.

  • Those thinking about clerical work / company establishment registration

    When a Japanese company operates in Taiwan, it is necessary to decide the business form considering legal, tax and other circumstances, and this is called FIA corporation. We cooperate with a local lawyer to provide FIA ​​corporation applications and a wide range of expertise and experience to build business style and legal management system according to your wishes.

  • After entering Taiwan · For those in need of local law

    Taiwan lawyer who experienced many years of legal process processing which forms the basis of business in Taiwan such as lawyer's achievement over more than 20 years in Japan and intellectual property · trademark right etc. It is a local affiliated legal service that experienced your legal value It increases.

Taiwan Advancement Total Support Pack

Comprehensive support for enterprises considering entering Taiwan
Taiwanese local experts will consult directly with the videophone

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Possible coins available

The meaning of "the possibility of a currency" is "It should not miss rare opportunities and rare items, even though it seems to be worthless at first glance, which will bring unexpected big benefits later". 
Our company AIGlobal Taipei is exactly the "kimono" of customers of the Japanese corporation = the technology, knowledge and know-how as corporate assets Taiwan's big business opportunity "habitation" = to hold as much opportunity as possible in the market We have established for the purpose of supporting the maintenance and maintenance on the aspect of legal affairs. 
I am concerned about business development in overseas business that is unfamiliar with the environment, climate, business customs etc. different from Japan We ask you about the problems and troubles of your company and find out the best performance in the environment before and after entering, We will build and support you.

Cross-border and reliable legal support for customers

Chairman and President

Konichi Ueno

In the global society, judicial scrivener and administrative scrivener, who are experts in procedural procedures, have always had doubts about not entering the world. The establishment of a company, the procedure of visa etc. becomes complicated when crossing the country. In order to export the procedure know-how we have been doing in Japan for over 20 years, we would like to expand mainly in Asia starting with this Taiwanese store opening. For all of you, we aim to be a better partner.

We will respond to company troubles from company establishment in Taiwan, visa acquisition to legal affairs

General Accounting

Ryuji Toda

Recently Japanese companies' interest in Taiwanese business has grown, and projects to Taiwan have been at high levels in recent years. As a day-to-day climate, as a foothold in overseas development, there are many cases where Taiwan expansion is considered as test marketing, and as a place to acquire partners, know-how and talented people who are also looking forward to future deployment in China and development in Southeast Asia The degree is getting higher. We will continue to devote every day to contribute to the advancement of Taiwan and the development of Taiwan business.

Expert staff with rich expertise support


Chen Toshihiro

Educational backgroundGraduated from Department of Law at Susen University

QualificationTaiwan Judicial Scrivener qualification, Taiwan lawyer qualification

CareerRight law firm Associate
Taiwan Penghu District Court Assistant Judge
Taiwan High Court Kaohsiung Branch Prosecution Office Japanese interpreter (active)

Specialized fieldGeneral corporate legal affairs, civil litigation and arbitration, international dispute resolution, intellectual property rights, infringement litigation

A.I.Global Taipei Co.,Ltd.

Company name A.I.Global Taipei Co.,Ltd.(中国語名:台北知宇股份有限公司)
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Tel +886-2-2567-0070
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Capital NT $ 5 million
Director Koichi Ueno
General Manager Ryuji Toda

A.I.Global Taipei Law Office

Company name A.I.Global Taipei Law Office(中国語名:台北知宇法律事務所)
Street address Taipei City Nakagyo-ku Nanjing East Road No. 2 No. 90 15th Floor
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lawyer Chen Toshihiro