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Total Support Pack for Taiwan Expansion

Comprehensive support for enterprises considering to enter Taiwan

Cost of establishment procedure for Limited Company (local corporation) is Zero Yen
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The Cast Global Group is professionals in law that has offices throughout Japan and also in Taiwan. We welcom companies considering entering Taiwan with a secure network supported by our professionals both in Japan and Taiwan and a speedy one stope entry scheme. Both Japanese and Chinese are supported so please do not hesitate to consult us.

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Taiwanese local experts will consult you directly via videocall

If you are considering Taiwan advancement and wants to do a market research and wants to know more about the market environment. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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don’t you have these kind of questions regarding entering Taiwan?

  • What are the procedures I should follow, in order to enter into Taiwan smoothly?
  • Are there any partners that are familiar with the market conditions or status of expanding business into Taiwan?
  • I am not familiar with the necessary procedures. Can I leave it up to your company?

Please leave it to A.I. Global Taiwan Expansion Support

Professionals in Taiwan will support Taiwan expansion

We established our own legal network in Taiwan including tax accountants and accountants who have been active as corporate lawyers in Taiwan. We will connect you with local professionals who are familiar with law and culture and offer proposals for optimal business schemes and construction of legal flows.

  • Application for approval of company establishment
  • Construction of business infrastructure
  • Legal trouble prevention · settlement after establishment

Do you know any partners you can consult, when considering entering into Taiwan?

General Accounting

Ryuji Toda

Interest in Taiwan by Japanese companies is increasing, especially in the retail industry, food and beverage industry and IT-related business. Because Taiwan can make the best use of Japanese brands in a friendly climate, it is often advanced as a test marketing of overseas development and attracts attention as a place to acquire human resources and know-how aimed at future expansion of China and Asia. With the development of IT technology in recent years, the bounderies of business are becoming lost, we have also taken advantage of IT technology to eliminate the barriers between Japan and Taiwan, and we are working to make it possible for customers to start business smoothly. Please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We will strive sincerely to become your reliable partner.

Taiwan Advancement Total Support Pack

Comprehensive support work for companies considering entering into Taiwan

We have prepared a special plan for companies that use advisory contracts only. Click here for advisory contract.

We comprehensively support your company's expansion into Taiwan, such as preparation for company establishment to enter Taiwan, construction of business infrastructure such as document creation / acquisition of license to establishment, preparation, etc. on complicated application materials.

  • Taiwan Advancement Total Support Pack "Light"

    Company establishment support +
    Advisory contract B

    Light Plan Benefits

    "Establishment of Company" + "Obtain Visa" Procedural Cost 50% OFF & Employment Contract in line with Taiwan Labor Law comes as a gift

  • Taiwan Advancement Total Support Pack "Premium"

    Company establishment support +
    advisory contract C

    Premium Plan Benefits

    "Establishment of company" + "Acquisition of visa" Procedural cost of 0 yen & Employment contract according toTaiwan labor law comes as a gift

Service contentsRegular rate (NT $)Light plan rate (NT $) * 1Premium plan rate(NT $)
Company formationLimited company (Local corporation)100,000
Approximately 386,000 yen
Approximately 184,000yen
Taiwan Firm (branch office)60,000
Approximately 220,800 yen
Approximately 110,400yen
Taiwan Affair Office (Overseas Representative Office)40,000
Approximately 147,200yen
Approximately 73,600 yen
Visa acquisition ※ 2Employment Certificate (obtain work permission)20,000
Approximately 73,600yen
Approximately 36,800yen
Confirmation of change of stay (change of eligibility for stay)12,000
Approximately 44,160yen
Approximately 22,080yen
Residence certificate (issue of residence)16,000
Approximately 58,880yen
Approximately 29,440yen
Labor relationsFormation of Employment contract11,000
Approximately 40,480yen

※ 1: The rate is only calculated approximately and will change depending on actual project content. As for the actual expenses, we will add it separately.

* The Japanese yen is calculated at the exchange rate of 3.68 Taiwan Dollar ※ As of July 2018

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Taiwan company establishment point

When entering Taiwan, there are three main forms of company establishment, "local corporation", "branch", "representative office". The first point to consider when choosing a corporate form is whether or not there is a plan to conduct "business". In the case of overseas affiliates / branches, sales activities are possible, but in the case of a representative office, since no sales acts are permitted, it is mostly established for the purpose of supporting business operations, trading support which is occuring between Taiwan and Japan.

 Limited Company / Corporation
(Local corporation)
Taiwan Firm (branch office)Taiwan Affair Office (Representative Office)
Legal liability of the head officeNoneThereThere
Legal PersonalityThereNoneNone
Possibility of business conductYesYesNo
Deductible expenses to the head officeNoYesYes
Profit remittance to the head officeYes (Withholding rate 20%)Yes (not taxable)No
work visaWhen obtaining investor's visa (chairman, general manager) 500 thousand yuan or more capital is needed. In case of adopting Japanese employees, capital of 5 million yuan or more is required.Operating funds of 5 million yuan or more are required when employing Japanese employeesRepresentative of a overseas representative office

Attraction in Taiwan

Taiwan is connected Asian region including Japan, and it is situated in an advantageous position in terms of economic strategy. If you have a walk in Taipei City, you can find many Japanese brands such as convenience stores, drugstores, home electronics products, etc. Japanese products and companies are popular and trusted and you can feel it. Due to the high likelihood of the Japanese brand, the cultural entry barriers are lower when compared to other countries and hence there is a great deal of possibility of development.

As for corporate taxes also 20% is low in Asian countries, it is suitable as a first step towards overseas expansion, looking at Hong Kong and other Chinese markets and Asian countries.

People's traffic increases between Japan and Taiwan, and attention to Japanese companies in Taiwan is even more intensified. Let 's build an optimal scheme for entering Taiwan with us.

Advisory contract support

Free consultation by telephone, mail or direct interview

Comprehensive support service which provides you peace of mind even after entering into Taiwan

(We propose the optimum plan according to the customer's business. Please do not hesitate to consult us.)

Main service contents
Labor consulting / Working visa relationship supportWhen employing local staff to overseas expansion, various problems may occur. Hence support from professionals of labourrelated matters are important because it is overseas with different cultures and languages.
Corporate legal support / licensing authorization supportTo prepare precautionary measures before legal problems arise, this is an important point to utilize lawyers who provides general legal advise. When you start a new business or a new transaction, you can consult us beforehand about legal risks and avoidance mechanisms.
It is possible consult us about everyday questions about Taiwanese legal affairs, and to reduce the burden on corporate legal affairs and corporate governance of your company.
Full Legal support for Taiwanese businessIt is possible to consult us with regard to all legal problems and Business law affairs in Taiwan. A.I. Global will support you as a partner who shares management challenges and confronts them together for the development of your business.

We will propose you the optimum plan from the details of the request
For details, please contact here

Basic charge for supporting expansion into Taiwan

Service contentsPrice (NT $) ※ 1
Company formationLimited Company (Local Corporation)100,000
Approximately 368,000yen
Taiwan Firm (branch office)60,000
Approximately 220,800yen
Taiwan Affair Office (Representative Office)40,000
Approximately 147,200yen
Visa acquisition ※ 2Employment Certificate (obtain work permission)20,000 per person
Approximately 73,600 yen
Confirmation of change of stay (change of eligibility for stay)12,000 per person
Approximately 44,160yen
Residence certificate (issue of residence)16,000 per person
Approximately 58,880yen
Labor relationsMaking Employment contract 11,000
Approximately 40,480 yen
Employment Rules / Making Internal Regulations30,000
Approximately 110,400yen
General supportExpansion into Taiwan Total Support PackDescribed separately
OtherAdvance consultationfree
Interpreter5,000 (about 19,300 yen) / 1 hour
Translation2 ~3 (about 8 yen~12yen) / 1 character

※ 1: This price is a standard price and will change depending on the actual project content. As for the actual expenses, we will add it separately.

* 2: If you are located in Taiwan, these three procedures are required.

* The Japanese yen is calculated at exchange rate of 3.68 from Taiwan Dollar ※ As of July 2018

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